About Us

About Us

You can spot a Reynolds Nationwide truck from a mile off. Each vehicle in our fleet is colored baby blue and our trailers are so shiny that that they mirror the skies above.

That signature baby blue color and the cleanliness of our trucks is a reflection of who we are as a company. To us, that color represents cleanliness, confidence, intelligence, loyalty, quality, reliability, and trust.

Those values come from the top. Founder Dennis Reynolds wears the same uniform as the drivers and he rolls up his sleeves to change tires or fix a faulty light. Dennis not only avoids assigning titles within the company, which numbers hundreds of employees, but also keeps his cellphone on so that anyone can reach him at any time. Moreover, Dennis still organizes monthly cookouts for employees at our San Antonio terminal. Everyone’s birthday is celebrated, too.  

At Reynolds, everyone helps each other to get the job done. Dennis Reynolds learned the virtue of teamwork—as well as the importance of safety, trust and efficient procedures—during his early career as a San Antonio fireman. Back then, he started his company in his spare time to supplement his income. He started with just one used international tractor. But when Dennis came across an opportunity to purchase a fleet of Tequila trucks, he seized it. Soon after, he acquired a number of milk trucks. A milk run may sound a lot less stressful than a fire drill. Put it this way: We have to keep our milk at a constant temperature of 36 degrees even if it is over 100 degrees out on the highway!

For Dennis Reynolds, the demand of learning about his new business proved to be intense work as he and his wife, Donna, established a terminal on 120 acres of farmland they had bought. That dedication to learning and growing the business has served the company well—milk remains a core freight of Reynolds Nationwide. Furthermore, the company’s flexibility to adapt has enabled it to expand into the trucking of pet food ingredients and other food grade transportation, including chocolate. In more recent years, Reynolds has branched into hauling grain to the Budweiser brewery in Houston and crude oil from Texan oil fields. We even transport exotic rocks!

To that end, the company has built state of the art facilitates to meet the requisite quality and sanitization standards. Dennis Reynolds’ insistence on cleanliness and tidiness doesn’t just extend to the headquarters in his backyard. There are wash bays at every terminal. Each of the 400 tractors and nearly 700 trailers in the Reynolds fleet are cleaned after each trip. Each one is rigorously inspected prior to departure, even down to the working of the heater and air conditioning (our employees’ comfort is as important to us as the immaculate appearance of the vehicles’ baby blue paintwork).  

Reynolds is delighted to have earned the loyalty of its customers and employees. We remain dedicated to excellence through hard work and passion so that we can keep the business strong and maintain key company values.

A few of those core company values include: Safety, Integrity, Hard Work, Reliability, Cleanliness, Loyalty, Quality, Confidence, Intelligence, Trust

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